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What an interesting and exciting start to the year!

The Covid is still casting doubt on up coming events but on the bright side I commenced my new position as Office Manager at the West Croydon Kilkenny RSL 

The RSL is also hoping to introduce some new monthly markets for the Winter months so stay tuned.

We are hoping for a brighter year ahead for all

All the very best

Tish and David Benfell


Highland Treasures is committed to providing high-quality products and we will do everything we can to meet our customers expectations.

If you are looking for something special in Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Cornish or Celtic we will do our best to obtain it for you.

The choice of jewellery is updating constantly with our range of Mystic and Magic jewellery and giftware  and Steampunk proving very popular.

Our specialty collections include the Heathergem, Forever Leaves, Lewisian and Scottish Marble jewellery, Cornish, Welsh, Scottish, Irish and Isle of Man jewellery and giftware. and our new range of bracelets and earrings made from genuine crystal gemstones.

We are proud to be the Australian Representatives for The Clan Baird Society Worldwide Inc. 

This is David's family Clan.

Scottish Clan names can be ordered from our supplier in Glasgow in lots of items including Kilt Pins, Badges, Key fobs, Tie Bars, and fob watches. Also Flasks, Whiskey Glasses and Sgian Dubhs with Clan Crests so contact us to see if we can obtain your Clan.

We appreciate any of your comments or questions, feel free to go through the Guest Book page or contact Tish on 0438 580 414.

Tish and David

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Thankyou for your time.

There's much more to come!